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It Is Easy to Get Online Payday Loans in Utah from HPD Loans

Taking out online payday loans in Utah is far easier than trying to get a credit card or a traditional loan from a bank. With bank loans, you have to fill out an extensive application and the bank usually examines your credit history, along with your application. It can take a few days to hear anything back from the bank and they will usually call you in for an interview.

When you try to get a credit card, the application isn’t as long, but also like the bank, the company will examine your credit history very carefully. It can take weeks to hear back about a credit card and, if you need money in the meantime, you are out of luck.

Easy and Convenient Payday Loans

At HPD Loans, we pride ourselves in being able to lend people the money they need through one of our online payday loans. We don’t have a long application process. In fact, we just have three questions that you need to answer on our website.

If you have an income of at least $1,500 per month and you have a checking account in which your paycheck is direct deposited, you can qualify for a quick payday loan from us. Most payday loans are due when you receive your next paycheck, but we also have loans with lending terms of up to 31 days.

We don’t need to know your credit history in order to lend you money. As long as you can answer the three questions on our website positively, then you can get a payday loan from $100 to $500 in just a few hours, not a few days. When you need money quickly, HPD Loans is the best solution for your money needs.

Low Fees on Loans

Not only can we quickly get you the cash you need, but you won’t pay high fees on online payday loans. When you borrow $100, you only have to pay a flat fee of $15 per $100 on your loan. So, if you do take out a payday loan for $100, you would only owe $115 when you get your paycheck.

No Loan Restrictions

When you borrow money from a bank, or other lending institutions, they are a bit nosy because they want to know why you need the money. With online payday loans from HPD Loans, we don’t care why you need the money as long as it gets paid back on time.

You could use it for an emergency repair at home, a present for your child’s birthday or you could use it to take someone you like out on a date. What you use the money for is your concern, not ours.

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