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Our Mission

HPD Loans was established to serve those who have unfortunate credit history get the financial assistance they need to be stable again. In an imperfect world, people make financial mistakes and often times, credit bureaus are not as forgiving as they should be which in turn creates multiple hardships throughout their life. For instance, if a person had unfortunate credit history due to a prolonged divorce and needed a small short-term loan from either a bank or credit card, he/she will mostly likely be denied based on their credit report. These financial institutions will not lend to anyone who they “feel” are of high risk leaving them stranded with no one to turn to. HPD Loans was created especially to help fill that void between pay days and help take away that financial burden. Our ultimate goal is to provide short-term cash advances those who need it the most. Our fees are one of the lowest fees in the industry knowing that everything counts when it matters the most.

HPD Loans makes the process of getting a short-term loan quick, easy, and best of all, hassle-free. Anyone can apply from the convenience of their home and get money directly into their account without having to go anywhere. All the consumer has to do is to complete an online application, get approve within the same day, and watch money deposited into their checking account. As with any financial products or services, everything will be fully disclosed to the consumer. Our short-term loans are due in full on the consumer’s next pay date. We always strongly emphasize to borrow what you can expect to pay back. People can rest assure that their information is completely safe and secure as any personal data are transmitted through encrypted secured socket layer (SSL). All information collected are stored in a secured server and will not be distributed or sold to any third party. Given the nature of this business, there are always inevitable risks involved such as people’s unwillingness to pay back what they borrowed. HPD Loans utilizes in-house collections to work with people rather than outsourcing it to a third party with no assurance of them meeting the, “Fair Debt Collection Act.”

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